Hijama / Cupping Points on the Front of the Body

Hijama / Cupping on the Front of the Body

The front of the body is more sensitive but less vascular that the back. Take appropriate precautions and make sure your therapist does not cut too deep. The scarification itself will trigger the body to respond so even without cups of blood the body will be kickstarted into action.

Locating Hijama points on the front of the body
Hijama / Cupping set being used by a therapist

115 & 116, under the ends of the clavicle (collar bone) from the outside and on the shoulders.

117 & 118, under the clavicle (collar bone) from the inside, on the chest.

119, the heart, under the middle of the left clavicle (collar bone) using four fingers of the patient himself.

120, sternum bone (breastplate), in the middle of the chest.

121, first part of the stomach directly under the chest bone.

122, 123 & 124, above the liver, right of the belly.

125 & 126, between the belly and the thigh near the pubic hair area for involuntary urination, infertility…etc.

133, almost 2cm above the stomach mouth and near the end of the chest bone.

134, under the left breast.

135 & 136, 5cm away from the breast nipple from the inside for the lungs.

137, 138, 139 & 140, above, right, left and under the umbilicus (belly button).

141, & 142, Right and left of 140.

143, above the bladder.