Hijama / Cupping Points on the Face

Hijama / Cupping on the Face

The therapist must be careful when doing wet cupping (hijama) on the face since using a blade will almost certainly result in scaring. It is better to either do dry cupping or use a pin. Furthermore, the face of the individual should be tested during one session before full facial wet cupping treatment.

Four images of the face showing the Hijama Points
Hijama / Cupping set being used by a therapist

2 & 3, the area between the ears, the back of the head where hair grows or on the sides of the neck.

101, the forehead on the place of worship in praying and it is better not to repeat it.

102 & 103, above the eyebrows from the inner part of the nasal sinuses.

104 & 105, on both sides of the brows and slightly upward for headaches and sight.

106, almost 6cm above the left ear to help give up smoking.

107, nearly 4cm above the cheeks to assist in speech.

108 & 109, on the sides of the nose for nasal sinuses.

110, under the ear from the right and left.

111, 112 & 113, near the eye and the cheek and near the lip to treat the fifth and sixth nerve.

114, under the chin and it has many benefits.